Well we are halfway through Carers week already and boy have we been busy here at n-compass from quizzes to coffee mornings to meditation and we are only on Wednesday. It has been heartening to see our Carers and Staff come together during Carers week and support each other virtually!

As I said at the beginning of the week, it is more important than ever that we make the 6 million plus Unpaid Carers more visible. There are incidentally more Unpaid Carers than people who work in the NHS. Throughout the current crisis the nation has shown its appreciation of the critical role NHS and Social Care staff have played in supporting the most vulnerable people. However, we must ensure that, throughout the coming year, the army of Unpaid Carers across the country are more visible and that we work hard to ensure they get all the support they need.

Without the Unpaid Carers we work with every day, the Health and Social Care system would not be able to manage. As a society, we need to better recognise and value the support they provide as see them as an integral part of the ‘system’. We currently deliver Carers Services across Lancashire, Cheshire East, Rochdale and Bury and, through these services, we have seen a worrying trend within the Caring community.

Whilst lockdown is difficult on everyone, we have seen that it impacts disproportionately those with Caring responsibilities. Many are shielding because of the Cared-for’s condition and are struggling with the isolation that brings. With no short-term changes to the current situation in sight, we have seen first-hand how it is impacting on the mental wellbeing of those we support.

We have adapted and innovated like many other Charities and I am immensely proud of the staff at n-compass who every day go that extra mile by spending a little longer on the telephone or make that additional welfare call.

The current Covid 19 crisis has laid bare these pressures and challenges and our role is to continue to bring about positive change through our services and by being the voice for Carers to ensure they are heard and visible all year round.

Teresa Jennings
Chief Executive n- compass.