The focus this year is making Carers visible, valued, and feeling supported.

Unpaid carers often provide a lifeline for those they care for. Here at n-compass we provide 6 Carers Services across the North of England, as far north as Carlisle to as far south as Staffordshire. It is our privilege to support the thousands of adult and young carers through these services, each year.

Carers Week gives us the opportunity to go the extra miles in rising the visibility of the important role unpaid carers provide in the community and engage with them through a variety of activities during the campaign week. Are you an unpaid carer? You might not think so, but if you are looking after someone, you could be entitled to additional support, benefits, and activities.

As ever, we have been busy organising activities ranging from a stroll and a cuppa around the park, to pottery painting to a relaxing spa treatment. It is always heartening to see our carers and staff come together during Carers Week.

With the cost-of-living crisis and inflation hitting the highest level in 40 years it is more important than ever that we help support the many unpaid carers in our communities, as many will face the anguish of unprecedented financial worries ahead of them.

There are almost seven million unpaid carers in the UK, each day they are attending to the health needs of loved ones. Nearly six hundred people a day have to leave their job in order to take on this weighty and broadly unrecognised role – despite the fact that carers do much of the heavy lifting for the state and in doing so, save the economy £132 billion per year.

We must ensure that, throughout the coming year, the army of unpaid carers across the country are more visible and that we work hard as a health and social system to ensure they get all the support they need.

 To find out what we have planned during Carers Week 2022 and how to get involved please click below against the locality where you live:

 Teresa Jennings Chief Executive n- compass.

Carers Week