I have a wealth of experience supporting people with learning disabilities and their families to try to live their best lives. I am a social worker by profession and am passionate and unflinching, about the rights of people to remain in their communities as active and valued citizens. I have held several senior positions in both statutory and third sector settings, spanning 38 years. Some of this, includes working on a national platform, contributing to policy and transformation of the health and social care sector with Think Local Act Personal, In Control, the Mental Health Provider Forum, the Coalition for Collaborative Care and NHS England. I continue to ensure coproduction with people who access services, is central and a key feature of policy along the principles of ‘nothing about us, without us’.  My current role is Head of Personalised Care (North West Region) Primary Care, Community Services and Strategy Directorate NHS England

I live in the North West of England and confess that although I have held many interesting roles, I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

Angie Boyle