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What we do 

With almost two decades of experience delivering these highly specialised services, we are trusted providers of children, young people and adults counselling and therapy.

Our expert team of qualified Counsellors and Therapists are dedicated to providing the very best support to give children, young people and adults the tools and resilience to cope with and overcome life’s challenges. We know that, where possible, early intervention can prevent problems escalating.

We deliver the following children & young people’s services:

  • Young people’s 1-2-1 counselling in Fylde & Wyre funded by Children In Need. Supporting young people aged 11-18 years.
  • Children & young people’s 1-2-1 counselling in Fylde, Wyre, Lancaster, Morecambe, Preston, Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancashire, funded by Lancashire County Council, though a partnership led by Child Action North West. Supporting children & young people aged 5-18 years or up to 25 years with Special Education Needs (SEN). For further information visit Emotional Health and Wellbeing Support - CANW

Our children & young people’s counselling is mostly delivered in educational settings, working creatively with play and art to help children & young people express themselves. We provide an additional resource for parents, teachers, and children’s social care, - working with them to bring about improvements in children & young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our specialist team works with issues around:

  • Self-harm and suicide prevention
  • Helping children & young people to identify their triggers
  • Building resilience and using alternative coping strategies  

If required, we refer a child or young person to other agencies for additional support.

We deliver the following unpaid adult carers services:

  • Adult carer’s 1-2-1 and group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in Fylde, Wyre, Lancaster, Morecambe, Preston, Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancashire as part of The Lancashire Carers Service, funded by Lancashire County Council and Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Integrated Care Board. Supporting adult carers aged 18 years plus.
  • Mental health adult carer’s Person-Centred Counselling in Fylde, Wyre, Lancaster, Morecambe, Preston, Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancashire, funded by Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Integrated Care Board from the Lancashire & South Cumbria Community Mental Health Transformation Fund.

Our unpaid adult carer’s counselling and therapy is mostly delivered in private settings within the community, working with adults who are caring for someone who could not manage without their support. We focus on increasing personal resilience and reducing anxiety and stress experienced because of their complex caring role. This support compliments the support our skilled Carers Service staff deliver to help carers continue in their caring role for as long as they choose and reduce the impact the caring role can have on their own health and wellbeing.  

Our approach

Co-production lies at the heart of all our service delivery. Placing individuals at the heart of all we do, we work with children & young people and adults to deliver personalised support designed to address issues impacting on their emotional health and wellbeing. We develop strategies to reduce psychological distress and support them to achieve their personal goals.

Our Impact

94%of young people reduced or ceased self-harming

91%of young people reduced or ceased suicidal ideation or thoughts

90%of young people had increased self-esteem and positivity

90%of young people had improved psychological and emotional wellbeing

Emma’s Story

Emma’s Story

Emma lost a close family member, her mood and self-confidence became low. She coped with these feelings through self-harm, not talking to anyone through fear it would upset them. counselling gave Emma the confidence, through ‘positive affirmation’ cards, to express herself in a safe environment; exploring...

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