The Lancashire Carers Service
Lancashire County Council

n-compass and Carers Link Lancashire deliver The Lancashire Carers Service    

n-compass delivers the services in North, West and Central Lancashire and the services in the East are delivered by Carers Link Lancashire

What we do

We provide information, advice and a wide range of specialist support services designed to help carers continue in their caring role for as long as they choose and reduce the impact the caring role can have on their own health and wellbeing.  

We work directly with individual carers to discuss their concerns and needs, and design a tailored personalised support package. 

Support available includes: 

  • Carers’ Assessments and reviews 
  • Coffee and Chat support groups in North, West, Central and East Lancashire  
  • Regular magazines providing information on local groups, activities and courses 
  • Support for contingency and emergency planning 
  • A huge range of Digital resources 
  • Access to a CHAT line manned by empathetic and helpful people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 
  • Access to our Volunteer Befriending and Sitting in Services to help you take a break from caring and provide additional company and support 
  • Access to other community, health and wellbeing services 
  • Opportunities to volunteer, make friends and provide support for others 
  • Carers’ Awareness Briefings

 In addition all registered carers will be invited to join the Carers’ Community Network to share their experiences and make new friends.

Carers Assessments

We provide Carers Assessments on behalf of Lancashire County Council to help carers record the impact caring has on your life and what support or services you might need.

You can click the link below to complete your own Carers Assessment; by completing this you are consenting to us recording the information on Lancashire County Council’s Adult System. Following submission, a Carers Assessment & Support Officer from The Lancashire Carers Service will call you for any further information we need and to explain what happens next.

Access the Carers Assessment Form.

You can read our Data Privacy Notice for information on how we collect and use personal information about you.

If you have any questions or would prefer to complete your Carers Assessment with a Carers Assessment & Support Officer from The Lancashire Carers Service, please contact us.

Contact Us

If you are based in North or Central Lancashire 

To find out how we can help and be contacted by a member of our team:

Fill out the online form and register here

Call us on 0345 688 7113 option 2 

For East Lancashire simply: 

Call us on 0345 688 7113 option 1

What is a Carer?

A carer is someone who provides unpaid care, for a few hours a day or round the clock, to a friend or relative who could not manage without their support. The care they give may be due to age, illness, disability, mental health problems, or substance misuse. 

Carers’ lives are often complex - many have other commitments as well as their caring role, such as work or school, and sometimes they live with the person they care for or sometimes they call in to help. These situations can create challenges which may impact on carers’ financial or educational opportunities, as well as their own health and wellbeing.  

Carers sometimes do not realise they are a ‘carer’ and feel they are simply being kind, by looking after a family member or friend.  Carers provide huge benefits to the person they care for, as well as wider benefits to the NHS, Social workers and society as a whole, by providing a free, essential support service.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I cannot thank you enough for the caring support that you provide. From the initial contact through to the life changing therapy that you have enabled me to access; both on a one to one basis and now group therapy basis. I cannot thank you enough, I really can’t. I can see the way forward at last, where, before this I felt that the whole world was hostile, and life was just an existence to be endured!


Carer fed back his gratitude for the assessment you did and the support you offered him, he’s thrilled with his personal budget and is going to spend this on a new vacuum cleaner.
The speakers at the November meeting at Burnside Nursery were the first ones to attend our monthly meeting in response the members suggesting visits from experts, who might be able to help us. Keep up the good work!


This service has been extremely useful and I’m very pleased with your help, especially in going over everything with me and making sure that I am able to access the support I need. Your support has really made a big difference to my life.


Could you please pass on my thanks to your worker for all the support she has given me. The one to one help was of a huge benefit to me. I actually miss her and the support she gave me. However, I would also like to thank you for contacting me for the review. It is great to know that you care and the advice and patience you have shown me is very much appreciated.


You’re worth your weight in gold. Having a phone call from the LCS came just at the right time for me and being asked ‘how are YOU’ was just what I needed. It’s nice to know I can contact you if I need to.



Service Resources

Digital Resources

Register Now for Free Digital Resources for Carers in Lancashire

We understand that Carers’ lives are often complex and this can create challenges which may impact on Carers’ financial or educational opportunities, as well as their own health and wellbeing. So we have joined with Carers UK to provide a comprehensive package of information and support for carers. 

Use your free access code DGTL2947 to register now at and create an account to access all the products and support resources such as: 

e-Learning modules, factsheets, interactive guides, personalised support, and information from us split into the following areas: 

  • Health and wellbeing: including resources around nutrition and breaks  
  • Support for Caring: including our 5 ‘About Me’ e-Learning courses on building resilience and finding support, and our Upfront guide to caring which gives tailored advice to carers depending on their situation 
  • Technology and Caring: includes guides on how to use technology in care 
  • Financial Planning: includes resource made with Money Advice Service called ‘Thinking Ahead’ a questionnaire style tool to help people think about the costs of caring 
  • Working and Caring: includes guides to rights at work and seeking support 
  • Access to all to our care co-ordination App, Jointly. 
  • Young Adult Carers; an e-Learning resource for young adult carers now in adult services including, for example, advice and information for making choices about caring, and support in and about education and work 

Plus your own local information for carers

Useful Links


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Cancer Support

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