lady sat in office chair

Annie, an unpaid carer who cares for her daughter, was given the details of The Wirral Advocacy Hub. 

While she was aware of her rights under the Care Act and had already had a Carers’ Assessment, she had heard rumours that the respite care that her daughter attended was going to close.

Annie was articulate and proactive, but needed the help of The Wirral Advocacy Hub to look into the matter further. Annie’s advocate, Jessica, met her in her home, and supported her whilst she voiced her concerns to the respite provider.

The respite manager was unable to give Annie any clear answers, but passed on her queries to the Transformation Projections Manager for Learning Disabilities of the CWP. They responded by giving Jessica the Cheshire & Mersey Plan which guaranteed that short breaks and respite were being improved over time and that if there were any proposed changed, families, carers, and individuals would be involved and pre-booked respite would be honoured.

Jessica shared this information with Annie and made sure Annie understood entirely. Annie and Jessica had just one session together, but her fears and concerns were calmed. Annie is now happy to advocate for herself in the future if any changes are happening and was relieved and thankful for Jessica’s research and communication.

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