Chloe came to Butterfly and Phoenix after speaking to her school nurse about her worries in school and how she was feeling. Following an initial meeting Chloe met with her counsellor over six sessions and explored her thoughts and feelings, identifying triggers to her self-harm. Together they looked at new ways of coping, as some of the ways that previously helped were unavailable in lockdown. They explored why she felt so alone and what could be done to help her feel more connected with people. They talked about focusing on the positives and challenging negative thought pattern including looking at her current support networks and her friendship group. Chloe and her counsellor completed some work around empowerment and breathing exercises to help Chloe’s anxiety. At the end of her counselling support Chloe felt empowered and in control. Her self-harming behaviour reduced, and she had established alternative coping strategies. Chloe felt less alone as she had built better relationships with friends and family and is now able to reach out and ask for support when she needs it.