David joined the volunteering team at n-compass in early 2022 as a student counsellor on placement.                                                                                                                                      

Under the guidance of our counselling team, David has become a valuable asset with the tasks he has undertaken and he has fully embraced the opportunities his placement with n-compass has provided him with. David speaks highly of his experience on his placement – “If I was to give some advice to a student who is contemplating a placement with n-compass, I would advise them to grasp it with both hands because it is like treasure. It will reward you with a solid foundation going forwards in your counselling journey.”

David has naturally performed within the n-compass ethos and we were proud to receive the following feedback from one of the carers that he has been supporting: 

“I have a 45 year old son with Downs Syndrome and during a carer’s review earlier this year, I was offered some counselling.  I have experienced depression since the age of 14 and have been on medication since my early twenties, and so have always been keen to accept any kind of assistance that will help me to cope.  The decision this time was certainly the best I have made.  I had been experiencing some age-related changes and coping less well with all that has been happening over the last few years, so I was really in need of help.  I was so pleased that I didn’t have a long wait, but, as always for me, I was quite anxious. But I quickly realised that I had no need to be so. David very quickly made me feel at ease and assured me that it truly was ‘time for me’.  Over the weeks I found out such a lot about myself, and that was due to the ‘space’ that David provided. He enabled me to really focus and dig deep as a consequence, and the result for me has been amazing.  The confidence that David inspired is persisting. I have learned how to be kind to myself and to not judge myself too harshly, and how to cope with my, at times, overwhelming apathy. I have learnt how to close the door on negativity and to cherish the good things in life.  I have no doubt that these changes will endure, and whilst accepting that there will be dips, I’m now better equipped to recover from these times.  Through his counselling sessions, David has enabled me to develop a better and happier way forward, and I am so grateful to have been guided by him.”

We were really pleased to be able to share such a positive report with David, who is clearly working hard to accomplish his goals for his future in the field. “When I reflect on this amazing feedback from my client, I feel that as a student counsellor this feedback will help me grow in confidence as I strive to become a better therapist. I believe that good advice and support from the n-compass team have contributed to the work I have done. This achievement belongs to everyone involved in my journey.” Learn more about our volunteers hub, and how you can get involved https://www.n-compass.org.uk/our-services/the-volunteer-hub

David's Story