Hi my name is Harin,  I am 20 years old I would like to write this short story about myself and what I believe that this world should be like. 

I have a disability called cerebral palsy but even though I have a disability this is what I believe.

No matter if people have got a disability or mental health issues everyone should be included,  since I was young I’ve always thought my dream would be to help people.

Even though I have a disability I still can do anything I put my mind to. I currently go to college and study customer service. Over the pass 18 months I’ve had the chance to be supported by an independent advocate that has made sure my voice has been heard. I was receiving this support before n-compass had the contact for Liverpool and this has had a positive impact on my life, this is why now I want to become a volunteer for n-compass to help people who may not feel a part of the world and their voice being heard, I will be starting with the Pen Pal programme first. 

This has inspired me more and more to follow my dream and help people I believe that no matter if people have got a disability, everyone should be treated equally because at the end of the day we all should have to right to Be treated the same way and have the same rights as everyone else and I believe that no one in this world should be excluded just because they have a disability or mental health 

Thank you for taking your time to read my story