Izzy was referred to the n-compass counselling service by her mum as she had been struggling with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviour. When Izzy first met her counsellor, she was incredibly nervous and found it difficult to open up. The counsellor suggested they play Jenga to help build a relationship and allow Izzy to feel comfortable before sharing. 

Over the following weeks, Izzy explored with the counsellor what made her anxious, and together they considered the things she could control and how to manage the things she could not. The counsellor suggested that Izzy write down all the things she experienced during the day and supported her to recognise the good and think about what she could do differently to change an outcome. This empowered Izzy and gave her the confidence to move forward. Izzy went on to visit her GP with her mum’s support and is now engaging with the local mental health service. 

Izzy said, “Talking through everything I was going through helped me understand why I felt that way. It also allowed me to make positive changes to my life and manage my anxiety a little better”.