Jenny was referred to the n-compass advocacy service by her social worker for support with her Child Protection proceedings. Jenny was pregnant and had a long history of using drugs and alcohol. She also had additional support needs related to depression, anxiety, and childhood trauma; she lived in unsuitable accommodation and was at risk of being made homeless. Jenny was mistrustful of services having been in the care system from an early age.

An n-compass advocate visited Jenny to identify what support she needed. Jenny was worried that her unborn child could be taken into care due to her lifestyle and the unsuitability of her home. The advocate asked Jenny what she felt she needed to do to prevent this happening. Jenny said she needed to go into rehab and detox. She wanted to move but was sceptical about her chances of this happening due to her past experiences. Jenny explained that her ex-partner had at times been violent towards her and although they were no longer together, the relationship had been damaging and she thought this would be factored into decisions about her unborn child.

With Jenny’s permission, the advocate liaised with the housing officer and social worker for alternative accommodation before the baby was to be born. The advocate liaised with other professionals to ensure that Jenny received regular psychosocial support from a family worker before going to a residential service for detox and rehabilitation. The advocate worked with the social worker to enable Jenny and the baby’s father to receive joint support to address domestic abuse and communication.

After several weeks of therapy and detox, Jenny gave birth. Her advocate supported her at many Child Protection meetings and parent assessments in the months that followed.

With the support of the advocate, Jenny and the baby’s father are substance free, regularly communicating, and their communications are amicable. Jenny was placed in a mother and baby unit and was registered as being homeless with a plan to move into appropriate accommodation which her n-compass advocate is supporting her with.