John had mental health issues and lived in a care home. He had been detained under section 3 of the Mental Health Act in hospital for many years before being discharged into the community.

John lacked the capacity to understand his legal rights but consistently stated that he felt safe and happy where he was. John had an advocate who ensured his best interests were being met. John's advocate met him at home to establish his views on his current care arrangements because his section 3 was ending.

John stated he wanted to remain at his current accommodation and with the same support team as he felt they had stabilised his mental health. The advocate wrote a statement supporting the implementation of Section 117 funding that detailed why his care should not be implemented elsewhere.

John now has Section 117 funding in place, with the responsibility for his Care Package being shared between health and social care. The advocate ensured that John’s wishes to remain at his home and that his mental health had stabilised there was the main focus of the decision-making process.