Jordan is a 12-year-old Young Carer who lives with, and cares for, his grandmother, Rita. Jordan heard about the service through school. Whilst the Young Carers’ Practitioner was completing an assessment with him it became clear that because of Rita’s health she was struggling to supervise Jordan and tension was starting to build up between them.

With consent, the Young Carers’ Practitioner completed a Multi-Agency Referral to Children’s Social Care and made weekly phone calls to Jordan to support him during lockdown. The referral enabled a more comprehensive package of support to be implemented for the whole family involving Children’s and Adults’ Social Care, the school and the Young Carers’ Practitioner.

This Multi-Agency support identified that Jordan was having feelings of sadness, stress and anger as well as being frustrated at how he was seeing his grandmother change due to her illness. Jordan’s Aunt became more actively involved and welcomed the support that the Young Carers’ Practitioner and other professionals were putting in place to support the whole family. As a result, it was acknowledged that more support was required both for Jordan and Rita, and when Rita developed further medical issues the decision was made for Jordan to live with his Aunt.

The support the Young Carers’ Practitioner and other professionals provided has resulted in Jordan living in a safe and supportive environment with full supervision from his Aunt. Care Workers now support Rita, attending her home three times a day. Jordan and Rita now enjoy a good and healthy relationship.