Lauren referred herself to Cheshire East Carers Hub. She was having money troubles since she went from being employed to going on benefits to spend more time in her unpaid caring role.

She was unable to afford basic living expenses such as food and electricity. While her local landlord support group had been involved with her case, her case was no longer open.

Lauren met with Rachel from the Carers Hub and they completed a support plan together, as well as an application for the Living Well Fund so that she could afford a new mattress as her current mattress belonged to her ex-partner who had incontinence issues.

With Lauren’s consent, Rachel contacted the local food bank so that she would be able to access food for the rest of the week. The support team arranged help with gas and electricity for Lauren and Rachel also arranged for emergency food packages to be sent from Nantwich and Crewe.

The next week, Rachel contacted Lauren to ask how she had been over the weekend. While she had been ok, Lauren expressed that she was embarrassed about picking up the food packages. Rachel decided to pick up the food packages just this once - when she dropped off the food, Lauren’s house was warm and she was feeling less stressed.

Since being supported by Cheshire East Carers Hub, Lauren’s confidence has been growing and her situation has been improving as she has been getting help tailored to her own needs.