Some of the staff at n-compass, took part in the n-compass Sports Challenge on Saturday.  There were a few different challenges including a walk and two bike rides. 

There was a team riding 66 miles that left Blackpool and headed out towards Garstang and the Trough of Bowland, the wind at the back definitely helped to push them back to Blackpool.

The next team headed out on a 40 mile ride towards Fleetwood and caught the ferry to Knotts End after a much needed bag of chips. They completed their ride around the Fylde Coast landing back at Blackpool Tower.

The final team took on a 10 mile walk departing from Blackpool Tower to St. Anne’s pier and back. They headed out across the beach, and enjoyed the views of St. Anne’s Kite Festival. There they stopped for a spot of lunch and then walked back to Blackpool to meet the others.

Some of the team were away on holiday but took on the challenge helping to raise money for our chosen charity Rochdale Cycling without Age

Everyone involved had a great day.

The walkers