Nicolas was referred to an n-compass Young Carers Hub following a statutory carers assessment conducted by the local authority. Nicolas cares for his younger sister but finds it difficult to see her being poorly, which affects him emotionally. Nicolas also struggles to make friends because of the situation at home. The referral stated that Nicolas would benefit from information about his sister’s condition and support around his wellbeing. Staff at the Young Carers Hub invited Nicola's to a respite break with other young carers, which enabled him to relax and mix with other young people, helping him feel less alone. Nicola's also attends young carer groups and activities, which gives him a regular break from his caring role and allows him to make new friends with others in a similar situation. Nicolas also engaged well with one-to-one support, which has helped him manage his emotions. He now understands that strategies are in place to keep his sister safe and can talk to his mum and other young carers if he is worried. Nicolas has also started to make friends in school as he is less concerned about other children visiting his home. Nicolas’ mum fed back how much he enjoyed attending the activities and now really looks forward to them.