Our Board of Trustees is made up of volunteers who give their time and expertise freely to govern and support the organisation.  To keep the Board connected with front line service delivery we regularly invite members of our teams to provide an update on the work that is being delivered and the impact this has on the people they support.

At our last Board meeting we were joined by two of our colleagues Debbie and Colin from our carers service who explained what a typical week looks like for them in their role. They shared a moving anonymised story of a carer who was caring for her husband who had a debilitating illness. They explained the impact this was having on the carer who was also suffering with her own health.  Debbie and Colin shared how the interventions available through our carers service delivery made a huge difference to her; she was able to receive the support she needed to help her look after her own wellbeing while caring for her husband.  The details of her situation and the growing pressure she was under brought some of our board members to tears.

One of our Board members later commented that week that “the story was so powerful it has been on my mind ever since”.

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