In October last year we were thrilled to hear that n-compass had been awarded a 1 Star Best Companies accreditation, signifying that we provide 'very good' levels of workplace engagement.

This year, it was announced that we had also been included in three of the Best Companies to Work For in the UK lists: ranking 32nd in the Northwest region (businesses from all sectors), 30th in the national list for mid-sized companies (all sectors under 200 employees), and 5th in the Best Charity to Work For in the UK list.

These are remarkable achievements, especially given the extra stresses faced in the Health and Social Care sector during the pandemic and reflects the incredible workforce that we have at n-compass. Teresa Jennings, CEO of n-compass, says,

"I have been amazed and humbled by our colleague's continued passion and drive, and the way they have all rallied together in continuing to meet this year's challenges, not being fazed nor beaten by them."

But this is not the whole story! In 2019 we achieved a 3-star Best Companies accreditation. So, this could look like we are heading in the wrong direction!

It would be very easy to 'spin' this most recent result and achieve a short-term gain, but that is not the n-compass way; we have a listening culture and seek to learn from every experience. We view these results honestly; and we will never be complacent.

What the Best Companies regional, national and sector lists helped us understand is the question of relativity, in that many organisations had struggled to maintain staff engagement during the pandemic, and employees across the board were worn down by the stresses of social distancing, isolation, and the fear of infection. Relatively speaking, when compared to others we had more than held our own.

So, what next?

81% of our staff still agree that n-compass is a good place to work, let's make that 95%! We are looking at how we can further improve personal growth opportunities, wellbeing, fair deal and explore new ways to recognise this amazing team of individuals.

Teresa goes on to say “I take my hat off to all organisations who are striving like n-compass to better their staff engagement levels year on year – it is not an easy nor a straightforward process.

As a leader, my role is to create the right conditions for success. Having a healthy workplace culture is absolutely at the core of our future success and growth. We are committed to continuous improvement in this area, and this commitment is from the Board down."

The real gain that underpins this process, is that staff engagement survey helps us have the right conversation with staff and then use the results as a tool to helps us look forward and work with staff to co-produce and help shape our future. That is where the magic happens!

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