Our Strategic Plan sets out our commitment between 2023 to 2026 to supporting even more people to stay well through five pillars of activity which include –

1. Delivering high quality services

2. Growing & Innovating

3. Investing in our staff and remaining a great place to work

4. Remaining financially secure

5. Ensuring strong governance and leadership and continuing to build our profile and relationships in the health and social care sector.

  • In delivering against these we will also be contributing towards -
  • Creating stronger, more resilient communities by reducing inequalities
  • Creating a stronger, more resilient local economy
  • Improving places and reducing environmental impact
  • Encouraging healthier, happier people in our communities

Sat underneath these key pillars of activity, are a number of SMART annual milestones with a clear line of accountability back to the relevant senior management team member. This is coupled with a system that helps us to track and monitor progress year on year, so the Board can effectively hold us to account.

I look forward to delivering on these commitments with what will be a huge organisation-wide effort; with every colleague contributing their bit to our overall future success.

Joanna Solanki

Interim CEO