Susan, aged 60, has cared for her daughter, who has De George Syndrome, spina bifida, learning difficulties and immunity problems, for 27 years. Susan also cares for her mother-in-law, who was recently diagnosed with Dementia.

Susan received support from our carers service in Lancashire, who created space for Susan to talk about her caring role and the stresses she experienced. Susan also struggled with her mental health and was referred to an n-compass counsellor for support and CBT. 

During one of their conversations, the counsellor suggested Susan consider volunteering with n-compass. This would create an opportunity for Susan to get out of the house, take a break from her caring role and stimulate herself mentally – Susan had previously been the CEO of her own care company.

Following a meeting with the n-compass Volunteering Hub, Susan accepted a placement with our People Services team and started working with Sophie, Donna and Karen. Susan's role is to maintain the organisation's HR systems, and so has also learned some new IT skills along the way. 

Susan really enjoys this work and describes coming to n-compass as her 'lifeline'. The team gauges how she is on any particular day, offers time to chat if needed, and understands when she needs to go home.

"Sophie, Karen and Donna have been brilliant…it gets me away from it; it's my escape. I am learning to be me again, as I had lost my identity. Without the help from n-compass, I would really struggle and potentially might not even still be here". Susan