When we met David he was placed in a care home under a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard. As he has no suitable family member or friend to represent him, an n-compass advocate was appointed to be his paid Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR). David has a history of criminal activity and has speech issues which means that he cannot communicate verbally or use any form of sign language. However, the care home staff have developed a way to communicate with him which appears to work for both David and the staff.

When the advocate initially visited the care home, David was repeatedly asking to leave. The advocate attended the care home a few times to make sure that this objection was consistent. However, David had also been having a number of difficulties with his throat; complaining of irritation, feeling agitated and uncomfortable.

Through close liaison with the care home staff, the advocate realised that David only asked to leave if things were not going well for him or if something was bothering him. The advocate deduced that it could be the irritation that was driving his requests to leave. As a result, David was seen by medical professionals and received treatment for the irritation quickly settled back into in the care home and no longer wants to leave.

Staff at the care home have regularly informed the advocate that they appreciate the hard work and everything that has been done for David and David also expresses his appreciation by stating he would like to buy a box of chocolates for the advocate for all their help as he is much happier now