Hello everybody. I am a 24/7 carer for my wife and we have been married for 43 years. She has a brain disorder called FND which leaves her open to seizures and dissociative episodes triggered by stress.

Having a volunteer from n-compass come in for a couple of hours and talk with my wife about family issues and craft issues that they both love and share together has worked really well. They have introduced each other to other new crafts.

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The real benefit is that she is able to be not quite so lonely and have a social life. I spend a lot of the time away from her doing household jobs which she is unable to do. When the volunteer is here, I am able to leave the house for about two hours with confidence to do my own activities. Trying to meet my own needs for friendship and fun sharing activities of interest had been making her feeling lonely and isolated. 

She cannot leave the house without me. The volunteer that n-compass introduced us to has been a godsend in that my wife now has a new friend with whom they have common interests. Because of that, it improves the quality of both our lives.

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