The Citizen Involvement Board is vitally important because it keeps the decision makers informed of what it's people want at the grass roots level rather than services and systems put in place by people who are, possibly, out of touch with customers' needs and demands.  Whilst it is necessary to meet the demands of funders it is a totally different matter in implementing and translating those to meet demand.

I am a Trustee of Morecambe Bay Foodbank and of Eggcup (which is a Food Club and runs the buying consortium for 13 other Food Clubs) I am Chair of the Lancaster District Food Justice partnership. I have been a part of  the start-up group for Morecambe Bay Poverty Truth Commission and have been both a community commissioner and part of the Facilitation team ever. I am also one of the Founder's, Trustees and line-manage the staff of Let's BeFriends, a homeless Charity that looks after people under threat of eviction, street homeless or sofa surfing or people who have been rehoused after a period of homelessness. I sit on a variety of ICC's and I also sit on the Lancaster District Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board. 

Mark Thomas